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Our Services.

At Logistech Solutions, we offer a range of warehousing and distribution services to meet the needs of our clients. While we have several streamlined standard options available, we are also able to fully customize a plan to best fit your specific needs. Whether you require traditional warehousing and distribution services or something more specialized, we are here to help. Please take a moment to review the information below for a sneak peek at what we have to offer.

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We offer super fast fulfillment processing to keep up with today's ecommerce demands.  Your customers expect their orders to become quickly visible on carrier's websites, and that's exactly what we provide.  We offer same day processing for some services at rates as low as $1.00 per order!

If you have clients/recipients with very strict packaging/shipping guidelines, Logistech has the solution for you.  We specialize in preparing shipments to be 100% compliant with inbound guidelines of many retailers regarding labels, packaging, EDI, etc.  Logistech removes the worry of non compliance fees or even refusals of your shipments.

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Although you naturally want to avoid returned shipments, you must have a process that is economical, easy, and keeps your customers happy.  Logistech offers an API for your webstore so that your customers are always just a few clicks away from creating a return shipping label.  Returned merchandise is either placed back into normal inventory or quarantined based on the item(s) condition.

When products arrive for the first time at our facility, a receiving clerk takes a measurement of the length, width, height, and weight of each product.  Your storage cost is prorated daily based on cubic volume, which means you are charged ONLY for the spaced used.


Smart & Easy

With shipping fulfillment expertly handled, you will have more time to grow your business. Best of all, Logistech Solutions can scale with your growth and be a partner for years to come.


Free Integration

Seamlessly integrate with all the places you sell online to allow for stress-free order fulfillment.


Run Reports

You will have access to reports whenever you desire. Whether you want to see your best selling SKUs, states you ship to most, inventory levels, or almost anything else you can think of, it's all just a click away.


Transparent Billing

You will see the exact breakdown of costs and services. We show you every detail to make it simple and transparent.


Dedicated Customer Support

You will have a dedicated team to help with any questions regarding your account. Our team members are always available and happy to help!


Shipping Discounts

Due to our large shipping volumes, we negotiate discounted rates with every shipping carrier and pass those discounts on to you.


Quality Checks

Our team members are trained to ensure we pack orders exactly the same way you would. Furthermore, each order goes through multiple quality checks before shipment to ensure unmatched accuracy, neatness, and timing.



We are flexible and able to tailor our services towards your specific needs.


Real-time Tracking

Monitor your orders, inventory, returns, and shipment tracking information all in real-time with our software.



As your business grows, your needs may change. With Logistech Solutions, we will seamlessly scale with your business and accommodate any changes along the way.

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