Generating Labels

Although you want to avoid returns, you still need a streamlined process to make it easy for you and your customers.  Logistech offers an API for your web store to create return labels so that with just a few clicks of the mouse your customer receives an email link of a return shipping label.

Delivery Van

Receipt Processing

After an order is received by our fulfillment center, the items will be receive cursory inspection and added back to your inventory.  Or, you may choose to have certain items be received into a quarantined inventory that requires thorough inspection and rework for a later date, or needs to be shipped to a manufacturer.  Either way, Logistech works to fit your specific needs. 

EDI Services

Perhaps you are tired of logging in to manage your orders through your customer's web portals.  We can offer back office support to take this burden away from you or your staff.  Or alternatively, Logistech can create an EDI account and submit necessary EDI forms directly to your customers.