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Logistech Solutions, Inc. Launches Economy Ground Options

With an increasing amount of commerce happening online, it's becoming important to have the most economic shipping options available when needed. That's why Logistech Solutions, Inc. is implementing two new economy ground services that will allow "etailers" to "hang" with the likes of Amazon and Walmart and not be undersold because of expensive shipping costs.

Logistech already offers great shipping rates to eCommerce fulfillment clients for UPS ground and air services. But the new economy services that are being launched, UPS Surepost and UPS Mail Innovations, will offer clients the option to lower cost even more. Some shipments destined for the lower 48 U.S. will be nearly HALF, that's right, HALF the cost of UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail. Now that's savings folks!

Although the savings opportunity is great, the new economy ground services have slower transit times compared to UPS Ground (1-5 days) and USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days). UPS Surepost has no guaranteed transit time (unlike normal UPS Ground) and is one day slower than normal UPS Ground. UPS Mail Innovations is even slower at 5-8 days transit, and it also has no guaranteed transit time.

Logistech plans to launch both of these economy ground services this month. If you're looking for a lower total cost option to get your products to your customers, then these new economy options are perfect for your business. Contact Logistech today to learn more about how save on shipping and fulfillment costs!

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