Pay Only for the Space You Need

When your products arrive for the first time at our facility, our receiving clerk takes a measurement of both the volume and weight of every product.  Your storage cost is prorated daily based on total cubic volume, which means you are fairly charged for ONLY the space that you need and use on a daily basis. By comparison, some fulfillment companies charge by pallet, bin, or shelf for the entire month which is an unfair pricing model.  See our blog on this topic to understand more about the difference between storage by volume vs storage by pallet.


Storage Methods

Although we don't charge based on the storage type (i.e. pallet, bin, etc.), we do utilize various methods due to internal efficiency and handling needs.  Every client's product mix can require different storage methods from one product to the next.  Depending on the average number of units and product size, we decide what is most efficient for our processing standards.  The method we determine does not impact your total cost.  As noted earlier, the only determination for your cost is the total cubic volume in stock on a daily basis.